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This terrace of properties was purchased from a well known local brewery. It was arranged as a terrace of three turn of the century houses with the benefit of planning permission to add an additional property to the end of the terrace.

We were able to re-modernise the existing properties whilst retaining most of the original character and features. After some renegotiating with the planning office, we began construction of the new end of terrace property. This was designed in such a way as to compliment the existing building so that whilst the new house would offer and be built to current building regulations, it would match in with the existing turn of the century building.

You will notice from the photos that whilst the bricks appear to be of a slightly different colour, this is down to ageing and over time the new bricks should soften down in colour to eventually match perfectly with the original building.


The development as a whole proved very popular, with one of the properties being sold before we had even finished work on it. This enabled us to finish the refurbishment to the new owners personal preferences.


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